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Know Way Out- Petoskey’s Escape Room is a thrilling new form of interactive entertainment for your group of friends, family or co-workers.


Medieval Mayhem Game Image

An evil villain has poisoned and abducted the beloved Queen Elewys and her trusted advisor – the wizard Ortho. They have one hour before the poison has a lethal effect and it is too late to save them. As Ortho’s apprentices, it is your job to quickly search the castle for clues Ortho may have left behind in order to find the antidote and save the Queen! 

Recommended for Novice Escape Artists

Difficulty Level : Medium     Number of Players : 2-8   Escape Rate : 62%

Adults $25 | Students, Seniors & Military $23

Savage Safari Game Image

Welcome to Kenya, Africa at the Park Headquarters of the Samburu National Park. Upon arriving at the office, you find yourselves in the midst of a dangerous situation as the office appears to be abandoned and no staff members are to be found. You were warned that this park was a favorite of poachers, but you ventured here anyhow. Now it's up to your group to work quietly and quickly in order to save endangered species from ruthless poachers and make it out with your lives...

Difficulty Level : Hard   Number of Players : 2-8  Escape Rate : 39%

Adults $25 | Students, Seniors & Military $23

Mad Hatter Game Image

Enter a world of whimsy, twists, turns, dead ends and only one way out. The Hatter loves having guests at his un—birthday party! The only problem is they tend to never leave… In order to escape the world of mis-matching clocks, never-ending mind games, and un—birthday celebrations, you must solve a mystery from the Hatter's past. For he wasn't always mad you know... once upon a time he was just as normal as you and me.

Difficulty Level : Hard   Number of Players : 3-8   Escape Rate : 39%

Adults $25 | Students, Seniors & Military $23





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